Windows of Opportunity with Ackman Glass & Mirror

If you are looking for a way to brighten up the interior or exterior of your home, Ackman Glass & Mirror in Williams Bay can help illuminate your remodeling project. Whether you’re looking for replacement or new windows for your “room with a view”, searching for a dazzling new shower enclosure, or scouting for custom glasswork, this third-generation family business will get the job done!

We spoke to Jennifer Ackman of Ackman Glass & Mirror to find out more about this family-run business, and to discover how they have grown to become one of the largest glazing contractors of Southeastern Wisconsin.

With so many choices out there, why do customers choose Ackman Glass & Mirror?
Our company stands out among the competition because of our quality products, superior workmanship, and longstanding relationships with our suppliers. We employ in-house carpenters who efficiently rebuild and replace existing windows.

You and your brothers Rick Jr. and Peter Ackman are the third generation running this business. How has your business adapted over the years?
Our dad talks about when they didn’t have computers. They would have to look through price books and hand write everything! Today, we are online, and our customers can choose from a drop-down menu of our products and services. The whole experience is streamlined and much different than it used to be.

What is the most common problem you see with windows?
Condensation from humidity levels is a common problem. This happens when moisture builds up on the interior of your window, causing it to rot over time. Due to the many issues that can arise when working with windows, we highly encourage customers to go with an authorized installer. Replacing windows is a project you don’t want to have to do more than once. So, make sure it’s done right by working with knowledgeable, experienced professionals, and your windows will last for the next 30 years-plus!

Have a window, door, residential or commercial project?
Visit Ackman Glass & Mirror at ackmanglass.com or Michael@ackmanglass.com. Call 262-245-5597.

By: Linda Fausel

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