Life by the Water

Wrapping itself around the eastern tip of Geneva Lake, this picturesque city has epitomized what life by the water should be. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin has cultivated a meticulous lake town atmosphere where people from all walks of life are able to find enjoyment by the lake, as each season brings new adventures for residents and tourists alike.

Today, the town is home to over seventy-five hundred year round locals, but has continued to be a top vacation destination for many, with close to 14% of the homes used for vacation or seasonal use. The town offers comfortable living for everyone; from beautiful lake side homes and country estates, to the historic and charming residences in downtown neighborhoods. Lake Geneva sets itself in an ideal location for commuters finding employment in the larger cities as it lies at a halfway point between Chicago and Madison, and a mere one-hour drive to Milwaukee, as well as Rockford. Lake Geneva and its neighboring towns offer work for a vast majority of occupations. Thus, people from a wide variety of backgrounds are able to put their skills and talents to work within the community.

As many have found, small towns can be an ideal place to raise a family or enjoy a quiet retirement. Lake Geneva is no different. The school system offers public, Montessori, and private schools while churches from a vast number of denominations are also represented within the town’s limits. Regardless of your interests, with numerous places to get involved, Lake Geneva makes it easy to find community at any stage of life.

In the midst of daily life, Lake Geneva continues to maintain an atmosphere filled with lake town charm. Like a magnet, attention is drawn to the water’s edge. Whether shopping at the local boutiques or swinging in for a warm cappuccino at the local coffee shop, residents often find themselves pulled toward the water. Sometimes, it’s taking a quiet morning stroll near the water’s edge and other times it’s an evening of drinks with friends and a midwestern sunset displaying the perfect backdrop over the water. Regardless of the scene, the lake sets a tone for daily life here. It reminds us that sometimes we need to take time to relax and simply enjoy our surroundings.

The Lake Geneva shore path creates the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake. The path encompasses all twenty-one miles of shoreline and offers an easy hike that allows for individuals to appreciate the lake and the breathtaking homes that line its shores.
Though the lake easily steals the show, there is an abundance of activities to take part in away from the water as well. The city offers a great selection of community parks to enjoy for any number of activities. Whether it’s tee ball games at Veterans Park, picnics and craft fairs at Library park, summer concerts or even hiking at Big Foot Beach State Park. Lake Geneva’s atmosphere inspires people to get outside, to soak in the changing seasons and take in the fresh air.

Like most towns, Lake Geneva wouldn’t be complete without festivals to call its own. Locals and tourists alike embrace the activities that come with all four seasons. From the famous National Ice Sculpting Competition, Venetian Festival and Maxwell Street Days to Oktoberfest and Concerts in the Park. These festivals and events are meant for more than simply enjoying the entertainment. They encourage residents to truly engage in their community while meeting their neighbors and taking the time to connect with one another.

After all the hard work and play, it’s time to head into town for impeccable dining sure to fill any cravings that come calling. From family diners, such as Lake Aire and Harry’s. Comforts like Popeye’s, The Next Door Pub, Simple and Kilwins. To destination classics, such as Sopra, Oakfire, and Medusa’s. With options such as these, there is always a menu to inspire your taste buds.

Each season is represented and embraced in Lake Geneva. Whether you call the town home for a week, a season, or for life, everyone can find community on the shores of Geneva Lake. But don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself. You won’t be sorry you did.

By: Kinsey Quernemoen
Photography by: Matt Haas

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