Letter from the CEO

The features that help us decide what home to buy go far beyond the number of beds and baths, square footage, style of architecture, or even price. What schools will our children attend? Where do I put my boat? What church will we join? Do I want to live in this neighborhood or that one? The bricks and sticks need to be right, but the community and lifestyles are equally, if not more, important. All of us at Keefe approach our role in your search with this in mind. I would go as far to say that successfully helping our customers find the right fit is one of the most rewarding part of our jobs.

In our Fall & Winter issue, you’ll read about East Troy, a charming community that is worth a closer look; a 60 acre country estate in Lyons that has been carefully cultivated by an expert landscaper into his personal sanctuary; a local restauranteur who has reshaped the Lake Geneva dining waterfront, and more. It is our hope that in some small way that these stories will help lead you closer to finding that right fit.

Meanwhile, our marketing team continues to work hard to build the tools required in the age of the internet and mobile devices to make exploring the area not only possible, but also easy, and, hopefully, enjoyable. Our core principles and values remain the same, but the delivery systems are ever evolving. Our most recent project is the overhaul of Keefe’s websites. From conception, we asked ourselves: how can we apply our local knowledge and focus on Southeastern Wisconsin to create an online experience that is relevant to our customers and that marries our lifestyle marketing with property search?


Finding those answers took a great collective effort from our marketing and technology team, as well as experts from our industry, and we are thrilled with the result.  Flip to page 45 in this magazine for a primer on a handful of the newest features to our website and digital magazine. Or, fire up your desktop, tablet, or mobile device to explore the new

While we know the website is an important tool, we know it can only take you so far. As soon as you are ready, we encourage you to take your search offline and reach out to one of our real estate professionals. We are ready to share our knowledge and love of our communities and lifestyles with you, and to play our part in helping you find the home and community that fits just right.

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