It Pays to Clean with TLC Cleaning Services

There’s nothing more pleasing than arriving at your vacation home and finding it pristine and ready to enjoy. Most people who have this luxury take it for granted, but have you ever wondered whose efforts go into creating this pleasant atmosphere? I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mike Butler, owner of TLC Cleaning Services, for an inside view of what this business is really about. As it turns out, renters have a myriad of services available to them, large and small.

Why did you choose to go into the vacation home cleaning business?

After I graduated from college, I worked for a car rental. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever, so I would have conversations with clients about their professions. One time I spoke to someone who worked for a janitorial service in downtown Chicago, and the rest is history. I ended up working in pretty much every sector of the industry imaginable: manufacturing, sales, distribution, wholesale… Eventually I bought a distributorship called Elkhorn Chemical. My salesmen were always coming into my office and saying “Gosh, you know, the client is looking for a contract cleaner…” That’s how the idea was born. I’m the guy who pays the bills, but the people who really deserve all the credit are Coreen Recob-Merry and Angie Hansen. They are TLC cleaning.

What are some of the services you provide at TLC?

There are so many. We do special request services, like washing linens and deep cleaning the inside of the fridge. We do exterior cleaning, like windows and gutters, carpet cleaning, post construction clean up… A big one is our Winter Watch program. A lot of our customers are busy people who live in Chicago, and they can’t just stop by the properties anytime. So we have a team of locals who are available to check in on things, from gas leaks and broken pipes, to vandalism and raccoon infestations.

It sounds like TLC is willing to provide just about any service. What’s the most bizarre service you’ve ever provided?

We’ve done all sorts of crazy things, from coming over to fix a remote control at nine at night, to driving to Walmart for a family that desperately needed a tent stake for their volleyball net. I love my other businesses, but I have to say, TLC really is a dynamic place to work. You never get bored. Honestly, the thing I love about it the most is providing our clients with a stress free vacation. I’m not just saying that—most people work really hard in life, so I get a kick out of providing them with a memorable week, month, or season. A lot of vacationers come here to spend time with their families or significant other, and I feel satisfied knowing that we were able to help that experience happen.
For more information about TLC Cleaning Service, visit their website or call 262.245.8828

By: Lara Henerson


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