A Fresh Direction with The Cashmere Compass

Cashmere: warm, cozy, luxurious.  Compass: a guide. Put it together and you find a cozy little furniture and home décor shop in the quaint village of Walworth.

The shop, which also offers home decorating and estate sale services, is owned by local resident, Stacey Syverson. She explains the name in more detail, “Your home is a place where you should feel the most comfortable and happy, like the feeling of being wrapped in cashmere. The store acts as your compass to acquire that feeling in your home. Whether it’s a plush oversized chair, a furry pillow, or a delicious candle, I want you to help you find whatever gives you that “wrapped in cashmere” feeling.”

The quality of the shop’s consignment sets it apart from others in the area. While there is an eccentric “little deal” room in the back containing bargain and fixer-upper finds, the majority of the store consists of polished, more contemporary goods. From Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen, to Wesley Hall, Kravet and Paul Robert, as well as designer items purchased straight from the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, the variety of quality, like-new furniture items is impressive.  Syverson gets many of these items through real estate transactions. Most of the current items in the store have come from South Shore Club, Country Club Estates, and Geneva National.

The refreshing feel (and scent) of the store is enhanced by products such as the luxury candle line, Voluspa. “The consignment pieces keep the inventory unlike what you see in any current catalogue, but I love to shop new, too,” says Syverson. Offerings like Voluspa’s Crisp Champagne candle, a colorful rug, or some sparkly earrings provide an intriguing variety where customers are guaranteed to find a little something special.

One of the shop’s quirks is that it is located in what was once a bank. Vacant for 14 years, the 1970s building has been freshly painted and decorated with flowers. Born and raised in Walworth herself, Syverson takes pride in her part in transforming a piece of town that needed it so badly. She adds, “I look forward to drawing more shoppers towards this side of the lake and to provide something that both locals and visitors can enjoy.”

The Cashmere Compass is located at 549 Kenosha Street in Walworth, to the left of McCullough’s Pharmacy. 262.394.5858

thecashmerecompass@gmail.com. For hours and more information you can find them on Facebook.

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