Bean + Vine

Most mornings, we are simply in search of our regular dose of caffeine to get us moving. More often than not, we find ourselves at that familiar place. True, there will always be a place in our hearts for that alluring siren, gazing at us from her sea green porthole. She gives us the requisite energy, and the expected flavor. But let’s be honest with ourselves: that predictable beverage, in that white cup, just feels like another monotonous stop in the day. It’s a comforting habit, but it doesn’t always excite us the way it once did; sometimes, we simply need to mix things up.

Enter, Bean + Vine, located at The Ridge Hotel. It’s the newest and best kept secret around and should be shouted from the rooftops! Or posted on every social platform you have. We won’t judge your methods.

Wine bar, meet coffee shop. A match made in every visitor’s heaven! Located in the bull’s-eye of the county, it’s an ideal location for locals to gather and catch up. “We are the perfect halfway spot for those meeting from the East and West Ends of the Lake, and a hip one at that” says, GL Chambers, President of the Paloma Resort Properties, the management company for The Ridge Hotel.

Stop by in the morning to wake up your taste buds with a shot of caffeine. Milwaukee’s own Colectivo coffees and Rishi organic teas are just one half of the perfect duo. Paired with an exquisite breakfast item, the combo will brighten your morning.  With Wi-Fi, and a communal table that is wired to the max with outlets and USBs ports, Bean + Vine can be your office for the afternoon.

Coffee house or wine bar, the struggle was real, but it no longer needs to be. As the sun hits noon in the sky, Bean + Vine morphs in wine bar and bistro. Fine wines from around the globe, combined with Wisconsin’s own private labels, create a menu that is sure to please everyone. Pair your beverage with a sandwich or flatbread, and the result is the perfect lunch or light dinner. We hear the Roasted Turkey Melt with Provolone and Bacon is simply divine! For those of you who prefer hops over grapes, Bean + Vine also offers a small selection of craft brews, including: Lakefront, Lagunitas, and Wisconsin’s favorite, New Glarus! So, why not come a bit early? Grab pre-dinner drinks, before heading to Crafted Americana, the newly remodeled restaurant at The Ridge.

With its modern flare, Bean + Vine stands apart, yet remains a compliment to those cozy, rustic, coffee shops in town that we all love so much. With the added wine bar as a bonus, we might never want to leave.

“Coffee’s on and corks are pulled!” says Chambers.

The line in the sand, between your coffee shop friends and your happy hour crew, has been wiped away. Bean + Vine is the crisp new venue that brings everyone together.

Photographer: Grant Goldenstern
By: Kinsey Quernemoen

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