Community Stats

County: Walworth County

Population: 2,194

City Info: Local government website

To Milwaukee: 64 Min

To Chicago:93 Min

Linn Overview

Located about 65 miles northwest of Chicago and 45 miles southwest of Milwaukee, Linn town is an area of diverse natural beauty. Within its borders lie the north and south shores of Geneva Lake, long considered one of the most important natural resources in southern Wisconsin. Formed about 10,000 years ago, the lake is well known for its deep clear water. The town is characterized by high-quality residential lakeshore development adjacent to productive farmland. Small woodlots are scattered throughout the town adding to its scenic value and rural character.


Linn Nature Park

Rushwood Park

Big Foot Beach State Park


Louie's Pizzeria

Mars Resort

The Geneva Inn Restaurant and Lounge

Owl Tavern


Elementary School: Traver Elementary School

Middle School: Reek Elementary School

High School: Badger High School


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