Community Stats

County: Walworth County

Population: 1,701

City Info: Local government website

To Milwaukee: 58 Min

To Chicago:101 Min

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Fontana Overview

Fontana is one of three municipalities located on Geneva Lake with beautiful sloping views and a popular lakefront area. The beachfront in Fontana is a quintessential destination that can be found decorated with colorful umbrellas and beachgoers Beaches, boating, and enjoying the waterfront is a common attraction to the Fontana area.

Fontana is adorned with local gems from waterfront cafes, pizza parlors, coffee and ice cream shops, and friendly local businesses. Abbey Springs is an exquisite resort that attracts visitors and locals to enjoy its amenities such as a world-class spa, golf course, and events.


Duck Pond Recreation Area

Linn Nature Park

Fontana Beach


Gordy's Boat House

The Waterfront Restaurant

240° West

Pie High Pizza


Elementary School: Fontana Elementary School

Middle School: Fontana Elementary School

High School: Big Foot High School


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