Specialties: Abbey Springs, Condos & Townhouses, First Time Buyers, Lakes, New Construction, Vacant Land, Vacation Homes

Business Manifesto

     I grew up in a small neighborhood in Lake Geneva, within walking distance from the lake. Above the entrance to my gradeschool hung The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.” This piece of wisdom has never let me down and is the guiding principal of my business conduct. I treat every client as I would wish to be treated by someone representing my best interest. You should expect clear communication, competent and consistent action, genuine professional standards of conduct, and hard work in finding the best home for You.

By keeping You well informed, I make the home-finding&buying or selling process as simple and quick as possible, while YOU make the right decisions for yourself based off of your needs. I may not have every answer right away, but I will find the correct answer immediately and never pretend to know something I don’t. I am in this business for the long-run and look forward to providing You with valuable service that allows me to live in such a beautiful area of America. I am also on a team with my mom, Barb Philipps, who has over 33 years of local Real Estate experience.


Sincerity First,

Chris Shields



Grade-school: St Francis DeSales in Lake Geneva WI

Highschool: Marian Central in Woodstock IL.

College: University of Colorado-Boulder

8+yrs on the Lake Geneva Water Safety Patrol


Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy Skiing, Sailing, Live Music, WakeBoarding&WakeSurfing, Running, Reading, Writing, Making things, hanging out with my friends &family, brats@Champs, burgers@Chucks, eating breakfast at the Igloo(Daddy Maxwells), Jonie’s Diner, Grandma Vickies, Happy Hour around the lake, Biking, Hiking, Gardening, etc…



*Buying my own home someday*Being the #1 Real Estate agent in Walworth County*Traveling to many countries*Having a beautiful family of my own*Enjoying every passing moment*Creating things that I am proud of*Being very happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise*Skiing in endless powder with all of my favorite people

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10/05/2017 -

Chris is Great!

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