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Testimonials from our Agents

Janis Hartley

"Having worked for a perfectly wonderful real estate company prior to coming to Keefe, I didn't expect too much difference. However, imagine this: You've driven a Ford your whole life. It's been great. You love the Ford. It's dependable, cheap to keep, and gets you where you need to go. Then one day your friend gives you the keys to his Jaguar. You get in. You turn it on and realize THIS is what driving is supposed to be!

Keefe takes its agents to the next level of excellence through a commitment to quality, style, and technology."


Lowell Kendall

"I have been with Keefe Real Estate for 25 years, and I plan to be with them for another 10 years. I have seen this company go from one office to a main office with multiple branch offices all over Walworth County.

All through the years Keefe Real Estate has provided a professional working atmosphere and the best management available. Keefe Real Estate makes sure that the agents are well informed with training sessions, weekly meetings, educational speakers, Web training, and access to continuing education exams required to maintain our real estate license as per Wisconsin statute.

I also have enjoyed working with the cream of the crop top agents. A company is only as good as its agents, and we have the best. I have enjoyed working with them in the past, and I look forward to working with them in the future. I have worked for numerous real estate firms over the years, and by far this one is where you want to be."

Michalene Melges

"I love working with Keefe Real Estate because of the endless resources available to me for my clients. The staff at Keefe is constantly looking for ways to make the business within the office as well as customer relationships stronger.

The marketing department is untiring in their successful efforts to fill our needs to be cutting edge as agents, both in print as well as virtually. Most of all, the life coaching and training available keep us on top of the market and in front of our customers in a positive way to service them and achieve our goals."

Michael and Peggy Bentley

"We started our second-home property management business in 1990. As we built the business, we naturally had clients ask us which real estate company to use. Living here for years and having an inside feel of the pulse of the market, time after time we told people to use Keefe. In our case and with our second-home clients specifically, there was really no other company that remotely came close to the sales but more importantly the legacy and goodwill earned by Keefe over the last several decades.

When we ultimately decided to get into the business in 2003, there were really no other companies we personally considered going to work for. Nothing against any of those other fine companies, but we have not regretted our decision for one moment. We work with and ultimately are competing with the most successful group of agents in the county and would not have it any other way."

Jay Hicks

"I hold my real estate license with Keefe because of their presence in the marketplace. Being affiliated with the biggest and best company only enhances my chances for success. The professional staff within Keefe is second to none and make the day-to-day details much more manageable for the sales agents."

Jan Giovannetti

"Having moved from another brokerage, I appreciate the knowledge, experience, level of commitment, and professionalism of my colleagues. This is only made possible by a strong backbone of support staff and corporate leadership."

Julie Sarton

"The reasons I came here and stay here happily:

1. It's a local, family-owned company that's been here for a long time and has earned its reputation and respect for its knowledge of the local market.

2. It's the largest, most successful realty company in the area.

3. It brings in the most buyers and sellers and gives us huge exposure.

4. I really like the people who I work with – agents and staff.

5. The technical support, admin support, sales support, and training are unequaled in the area.

6. This company is always on the cutting edge of knowledge of the market, marketing techniques, and market changes and is flexible to meet the challenges."

Dan Oleston

"Seventeen years of competing with Keefe and its associates as an agent, manager, and owner have been a marathon, to say the least. With eight local offices, absolute market dominance in Walworth County, a focus on Internet presence and lead generation, technology minded management, high-end quarterly magazines displaying company-wide listings, and unparallel agent support made my decision to work WITH Keefe Real Estate an easy one."

Tammy Haase

"Why I love working with Keefe Real Estate is for the professional advantages that we have over the many other companies. I feel our management, marketing plans, ongoing training, and office members are outstanding. The personal attention that fellow agents and staff provide to a buyer, seller, or other agents makes a difference that is proven in our numbers."



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