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Since 1943, Keefe Real Estate has made itself intimately acquainted with Southeastern Wisconsin homes, businesses, and lifestyles. Through Lake & Country Magazine, we look to share our knowledge and access to this incredible part of the world through captivating editorial, page turning photography, and exclusive real estate listings.

The Lake & Country mission is to share the best that our community has to offer with locals and visitors alike and inspire our readers to venture beyond the compelling pages of our publication and into the community.


We offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities related to the Lake & Country brand. By advertising with us, you will seize an opportunity establish yourself as one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s recommended choices of reference in your industry, build a relationship with Keefe’s sales and management teams, and put information about your products and services in the hands of people who live, play, and work in your market area.


Lake & Country Magazine is a distinctive, award-winning publication that is targeted to home buyers in Southeastern Wisconsin and the greater Chicagoland area. Published since 1989 by Keefe Real Estate, Lake & Country reaches a combined 100k plus households. With over 36,000 copies mailed to subscribers and our exclusive list, as well as 45,000+ copies distributed locally, we are able to extend our reach directly into the homes of people who are interested in Southeastern Wisconsin, as well as to visitors and locals.


Lake & Country Digital is the only true digital magazine targeted to the lifestyles of Southeastern Wisconsin. With a growing following, and email newsletter, we can offer various advertising packages to supplement your print ad, as well as digital only opportunities. Contact us today for details and pricing.

Event Sponsorship

We host a launch party 3 times a year to celebrate the release of each Lake & Country. These exclusive invite-only events are held at local hotspots and provide a great opportunity to network with Keefe sales agents and management, business leaders, and Keefe’s VIP customers. Sponsorship opportunities include logo placement on signage and promotion materials, social media mentions, networking and much more. Contact us today to discuss your sponsorship ideas and pricing.