Twin Lakes


Lake Stats

County: Kenosha County

Number of Beaches: 2

Size of Lakes: 725, 327 Acres

Avg. Depth: 33'

Best For: Fishing, Watersports, Attractions

Twin Lake Overview

The Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, and Elizabeth Lake, make up one of the most visited lake communities in Southeastern Wisconsin. Many fun and famous lakefront restaurants and bars line their shores, offering visitors a chance to fuel up and cool down after a day on the water.

Lake Mary is the smaller of the two but hosts the most visitors due to its public beach for residents and visitors to enjoy. Lake Mary is also the pride and joy of the Aquanut Water Shows in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, voted 2015 National Show Ski Association’s Show Ski Team of the Year. With weekly shows throughout the summer season and a number of tasty dining establishments to frequent, you can see why this little lake is the place to be in the summertime. This popular lake stretches 327 acres and is located in the Village of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin in Kenosha County. Visitors have access to the lake from the Lake Mary public boat launch in Lance Park

Elizabeth Lake is the larger of the twins and the least populated, which also makes it the best lake for fishing and silent sports. It is a 725-acre lake located to the south of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin in Kenosha County. Visitors have access to the lake from the Lake Elizabeth public boat launch and to a launch and parking at the Sand Bar and Grill restaurant. You’ll perhaps find panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye on the end of your line after a good day. Lake Elizabeth is connected to her twin, Lake Mary through a narrow channel on the north end and offers year-round activities with ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter.

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Boat Launches

Elizabeth Lake Boat Launch, Twin Lakes, WI | Lake Mary Boat Launch, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin


Sand Bar Island Grill, Twin Lakes Roadhouse, Dock Hoppers, Mad Dan's Restaurant, Big Al's Pizza, Driftwood Twin Lakes


Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve, Lance Park, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

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