A Story from Christmas Card Town

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“Why is Elkhorn called the Christmas Card Town?  The title dates back to 1952, when the March of Time television series chose Elkhorn as the setting for one of its shows to feature a small American town during the Christmas season.  In 1958, the Ford Motor Company commissioned New York artist, Cecile Johnson, to paint a series of six watercolor paintings to illustrate an article for its company magazine.

Johnson, who had recently spent Christmas in Elkhorn, chose the town for the setting of her paintings, being inspired by its small town charm and spirit.  Ford donated one of her original paintings to the City of Elkhorn, and four more of the original watercolors were eventually purchased by the city.


The sixth painting has never been found.  Later, a major publisher chose five of the six paintings as artwork for Christmas cards, which have been printed and reprinted by the hundreds of thousands.

Local artist, Jan Castle-Reed, was later commissioned by the Elkhorn Chamber to continue the yearly tradition through oil paintings that depict the Christmas spirit of Elkhorn.  Jan Castle-Reed completed her series of 15 paintings in 2011.  In 2012, a new artist, T. James Carson, took over the Christmas card paintings starting with his rendition of the 1887 Building and working in his own renditions of Elkhorn history and landscapes.  All original artists’ paintings are on display at the Matheson Memorial Library.”

card house

Keefe Real Estate is honored to announce that Keefe Agent, Rob Edwards, based out of our Elkhorn Lakes Area office, listed and recently sold the first house to be featured in the Christmas Card series.

This Queen Anne Style Victorian Home and Carriage House has maintained a high level of historic and architectural integrity and is one of the most important and beautiful historic properties in the city of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Constructed in 1890 the 2 1/2 story home has been lovingly restored and maintained offering a bright and warm ambiance to it’s new owners.

Rob specializes in the purchasing and selling of historic real estate in Walworth County including Elkhorn, Wisconsin and the surrounding Lauderdale Lakes area. Rob is a valuable resource if you’re looking to buy or sell  historic home with vintage charm.